• What We Do

    The little FAT girl presents is an Online Bakery, based out of Harlem NYC, that specializes in the BEST Brownies you'll EVER have and custom cakes that taste more amazing than they look.

  • Our Mission

    We are a safe haven for all food lovers to be as “FAT” as they like in our space, free of judgement because everyone deserves a cheat day. Our mission is to make every foodie feel like they are welcome at our table.

  • Our Why

    We want to foster a community that believe in the power that food has to bring people together.

Our Story

Coco & Melvin, owners of TLFG presents, met at Temple University in the cafeteria, go figure!! These two quickly became the best of friends and many years later grew their friendship into a love story filled with countless dinner reservations and frequent late night snack runs!!! These two foodies were a match from the start!

Coco Applewhite

Coco, the creative caker, is from Hackensack, NJ and remembers as a child having a HUGE appetite and love for food!!  She felt like an outcast and at times even crazy for LOVIN' to eat so much...until the term "foodie" was invented!  She finally felt understood; and quite naturally in this freedom to love food, she got a job in a restaurant.  She fell in LOVEEE with the industry!!  It fueled her purpose and during that time Coco and, mom, Sparkle opened a bakery in NJ.  Though Coco was all in with this venture, she thought she was just being obedient to her mother's passion, not hers.  And after 3 years and 2 locations, Coco and mom were exhausted.  Sparkle moved to Florida and Coco stopped baking "for good" but she just couldn't stay away.  She picked her spatula and rolling pin back up and has been baking & caking ever since (look at God!!!)!

Melvin Ebron

Melvin, the head of operations was born and bred in Harlem NYC. He also learned early on that he had a special relationship with food and loved to eat! Through, frequent travel and dining Melvin refined his palate!  He is considered among family & friends as the “Food Critic!” His taste buds are respected in these streets and his opinion on flavors hold high regard! More often than not, he is the traveler’s guide of cuisine for the #littleFATTIES. Melvin has over 2 decades experience in merchandising, branding and implementing operational systems; but his appetite and passion for entrepreneurship has always been his biggest craving.